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What is Kefir?

What is Kefir?

BKultured Water Kefir is a light, delicious and refreshing fermented drink – fermented with water kefir grains. I use only quality, natural and organic ingredients and my own culture of water kefir grains. That’s how I get a refreshing and delicious drink that is dairy free and low in calories with all the benefits & live cultures from the kefir grains.

This is the perfect drink to keep your mind happy, your gut healthy and your immune system reinforced.

What is Kefir?

KEFIR dates back about 5000 years and is found in many mountain water sources above 7000 feet. Water kefir is a dairy free alternative to milk kefir. The Kefir grains are different. Water kefir is light, fizzy, and full of nutritional benefits. The KEFIR grains are made from bacteria and yeasts. The culture is known as a scoby (symbiotic relationship between yeast and bacteria) that feeds on natural sugar and produces a low sugar probiotic drink. The Kefir fermentation cycle is much shorter than Kombucha, just three days, so there is a different spectrum of probiotics present in the product as opposed to Kombucha.

Kefir alkalizes the system and provides the gut with beneficial bacteria. These traits are the reason kefir is widely used to treat many ailments such as IBS, Chrons disease, digestive disorders, coeliac and acid reflux. 

Fermented Water kefir is packed with probiotics and live bacteria that are super good for your digestive system and help keep your gut in tip top condition.

Water kefir is rich in enzymes, nutrients, and probiotics for a healthy gut and immune system. It also contains potassium which aids with liver cleansing and helps to increase energy levels in the body.

Water kefir contains billions of live good bacterial cultures which increase the diversity of good bacteria in your gut. According to new research carried out by (Cork professors), they have named such good bacteria as ‘psychobiotics’. The reason for this is the affect our gut bacteria have on our mood and general wellbeing i.e. good bacteria contributes to a healthier gut which can contribute to a healthier & happier mind.

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What Makes BKultured Different?

  • Irish owned & made
  • Great Taste
  • Organic (Un-Certified)
  • Made with own well water
  • Foraged flavours
  • Environmentally conscious packaging
  • A brand that represents a lifestyle